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WordStacker - The Word-Wrangling Game of High Stacks and Sabotage Ingenium Games

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WordStacker is a card game of stacking, stretching, and mixing up words to score points to win. Quick to set-up and easy to learn and play. It's for 2-6 players over 15-30 minutes.

Create new words every time you play, win points and stack your way to victory... BUT BEWARE you may get sabotaged by your opponents. Anyone can win this game of strategy and wordplay.

It’s great for family gaming. Kids love it because they get to play without help from parents, AND they can win. Adults love it because it's not always about what you know, there's strategy and challenge in the game which is compelling and fun.


Object of the Game: Make new words by stacking, stretching and mixing-up letters to score points. First to score 100 points wins!

1. Split the cards into blue (Action cards) and yellow (Letter cards).
2. Lay out a set of 4-letter words according to the number of players in the game (2-3 players = 3 words / 4-5 players = 4 words / 6 players = 5 words)
3. Separate the Letter cards into two decks: vowels and consonants. Shuffle both. Deal 2 vowels and 4 consonants to each player, then shuffle the Letter cards back together and place face down to create a Letter card draw pile. Shuffle the Action cards and deal 3 cards to each player. Place face down to create an Action card draw pile. Keep your hands secret! The player to the dealer’s left goes first.

Playing the Game: There are 2 types of Action cards in the game;

  • Score cards which have a score value and;
  • Sabotage! cards which sabotage your opponents

Score cards include:

  • Stack 2, 3, 4 and 5 letters
  • 1 letter word stretch & multi-letter word stretch
  • 1 Word Mix-Up & Mega Mix-Up
  • New Word

Sabotage! cards include:

  • Miss a Go
  • Reverse Play
  • 2 Card Swap
  • Find a Letter
  • Steal a Letter

On your turn you can:

  • Play 1 Score card or
  • Play 1 Sabotage! card or
  • Do both!

Once played, Score cards remain face up in front of you where the other players can see them. Add up your Score cards during the game to keep track of your score. At the end of your turn, restock your hand to 9 cards choosing any combination of Letter and Action cards. Play then passes to the next player.

Winning the Game - First to score 100 points wins!