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Toilet Duck Fresh Brush Starter Kit + Refill Pack

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Toilet Duck fresh brush toilet cleaning system is a more hygenic way to clean your toilet. It is an innovative toilet brush with disposable head which allows you to flush away the mess and germs instead of storing them like normal brushes. The cleaning pads are impregnated with concentrated Duck liquid which is activated when wet. When you have finished cleaning simply push the button on the handle to release the cleaning pad into the bowl and flush away. The pads are biodegradable and beak up like toilet paper. Duck Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning System Refill Pack gives you all the benefits of an ordinary toilet brush with none of the germs. When you clean a toilet with a dirty brush, it only looks clean. Now you can flush the cleaning pad and ditch the germs after each use - keeping bacteria where they belong. Forget germ-infested brushes: Our most hygienic toilet cleaner yet combines all the benefits of an ordinary toilet brush without the build-up of filth and germs. With its powerful foaming and cleaning action, grime can be easily flushed away so nothing is left inside your toilet but a zesty citrus scent. The refill is designed to fit into the Duck Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning System. Simply attach a cleaning pad to the handle and wipe down your toilet, scrubbing out the cracks and crevices. Then release the pad and flush away. This pack contains 12 flushable cleaning pads.

  • All the benefits of an ordinary toilet brush with none of the germs
  • Pack contains 12 flushable cleaning pads
  • Powerful foaming and cleaning action
  • Leaves behind a refreshing citrus scent