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Webbox Festive Cat Mousse Turkey 85g, Cat Treat

Webbox Festive Cat Mousse Turkey 85g, Cat Treat

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  • Webbox Festive Cat Mousse Turkey 85g

    Have you ever wondered being a pet parent that how much your pets are going to love if served desserts? Desserts tend to uplift the mood of anyone and everyone and are a true treat for the taste buds. Knowing how good a dessert is in treating the taste buds, why not trying to give it to your cat one in a while, as a part of an occasional treat?
    Now, thinking about this poses a complex question that how can cats or dogs served desserts despite knowing the fact that sweets are harmful and hazardous for their health. Well, you are right with the facts but dessert for your pets doesn’t certainly mean that they too are going to be sweet and thereby harmful for your pets.
    We know what’s best for your pet and therefore come up with the Webbox Festive Cat Mousse Turkey Cat Treat that is sugar free and is free from any kinds of preservatives and additives so as to ensure a great health and well-being of your cat. Made with turkey flavour and odour, this Cat Treat is a flexible mousse to treat the taste buds of your cute cat. Available in a pack of 85 g, this treat is made from a wheat-free recipe and is full of probiotic, vitamins and minerals.
    20(D) x 13.5(W) x 7.5(H)
    Product Benefits
    • Free from all kinds of harmful additives and preservatives
    • Sugar and wheat free recipe to ensure good health for your cat
    • Full of nutrition that is good for your cat’s body